path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-01Update to version 2.18.7Uncle Hunto
2019-11-16Update to 2.18.5, start using arch packageUncle Hunto
2018-10-17Update to 2.17.2Uncle Hunto
2018-08-15Update to 2.16.3Uncle Hunto
2018-07-23Update to 2.16.1Uncle Hunto
2018-06-21Fix arch infoUncle Hunto
2018-06-21Update to 2.15.2, cleanup PKGBUILDUncle Hunto
2018-06-16Update to 2.15.1Uncle Hunto
2018-06-11Update to 2.14.5Uncle Hunto
2018-06-03Update to 2.14.4Uncle Hunto
2018-05-05Update to 2.14.3Uncle Hunto
2018-03-02Update to 2.14.2Uncle Hunto
2018-02-03Update to 2.14.0Uncle Hunto
2017-08-25Update to 2.13.5Uncle Hunto
2017-08-09Update to 2.13.3Uncle Hunto
2017-07-10Update to 2.13.2Uncle Hunto
2017-06-17Update to 2.13.1Uncle Hunto
2017-03-14Update to 2.12.4Uncle Hunto
2017-03-05Update to 2.12.3Uncle Hunto
2017-03-03Update to 2.12.2Uncle Hunto
2017-01-26Update to 2.11.13Uncle Hunto
2017-01-25Update to 2.11.12Uncle Hunto
2017-01-17Update to 2.11.11Uncle Hunto
2017-01-12Add Lib.Common.dll to PKGBUILDUncle Hunto
2017-01-11Update to 2.11.10Uncle Hunto
2016-12-08Update to 2.11.9Uncle Hunto
2016-11-30Update to 2.11.8Uncle Hunto
2016-11-20Update checksumsUncle Hunto
2016-11-16Fix sources, update to 2.11.6Uncle Hunto
2016-10-07Update to 2.11.5Uncle Hunto
2016-07-27Update to 2.11.3Uncle Hunto
2016-07-26Update x64 sourceUncle Hunto
2016-07-25Try to fix KDE install againUncle Hunto
2016-07-25Try to fix KDE installUncle Hunto
2016-07-24remove extra slashUncle Hunto
2016-07-24reset pkgrelUncle Hunto
2016-07-24Update to 2.11.2, package now renames downloaded .deb files to include versio...Uncle Hunto
2016-07-19Fix KDE installationUncle Hunto
2016-07-17Update to 2.11Uncle Hunto
2015-12-13Lower Mono dependUncle Hunto
2015-08-22Fix .desktop file for GTKUncle Hunto
2015-08-19Try to fix icon for KDE (again)Uncle Hunto
2015-08-17Fix desktop fileUncle Hunto
2015-08-16Fix icon for KDEUncle Hunto
2015-08-15update pkgrelUncle Hunto
2015-08-15update checksumUncle Hunto
2015-08-15Re-write .PKGBUILDUncle Hunto
2015-08-12Update pkgrelUncle Hunto
2015-08-12clean up .PKGBUILDUncle Hunto
2015-08-12Initial importUncle Hunto