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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-09v1.0.11Kenneth Endfinger
2020-03-26v1.0.10Kenneth Endfinger
2020-01-13Fix arch in PKGBUILD.Kenneth Endfinger
2020-01-13Switch to sha512sums.Kenneth Endfinger
2019-10-05Bump to 1.0.7Patrick McCarty
2019-02-06bump to 1.0.6Patrick McCarty
2017-12-10Bump releasePatrick McCarty
2017-12-10Add optional runtime dependencies for package extractionPatrick McCarty
2017-12-10Make 'go' a build dependency onlyPatrick McCarty
2017-12-10Add patch from pending upstream PRPatrick McCarty
2017-02-24Import release v1.0.5Patrick McCarty