AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-10Bump version to 3.6.2Thor77
2020-06-16Bump version to 3.6.1Thor77
2020-03-04Upstream release 3.5.7Cody Ramaker
2019-12-19Upstream release 3.5.6Cody Ramaker
2019-07-15Upstream release 3.5.5 (and resulting dir changes)Cody Ramaker
2019-04-16Upstream release 3.4.14Cody Ramaker
2018-11-01Reconciling PKGBUILD and SRCINFO pkgrelCody Ramaker
2018-10-31Upstream release 3.4.13Cody Ramaker
2018-10-31Upstream release 3.4.13Cody Ramaker
2018-05-08Upstream release 3.4.12Cody Ramaker
2018-02-01Incorporate closest Apache mirror logicCody Ramaker
2017-12-12Upstream release 3.4.11Cody Ramaker
2017-06-19Release 3.4.10Andreas Nüßlein
2016-10-03Correct silly pkgbuild typoBen Edwards
2016-10-03Release 3.4.9Ben Edwards
2016-03-09rel 3.4.8Ben Edwards
2015-12-05Update to 3.4.7Ben Edwards
2015-12-05Remove non-local jmx accessBen Edwards
2015-07-04Initial files 3.4.6Guillaume ALAUX