AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-07PKGBUILD: update to version 0.72.0.r2Silvio Fricke
2019-10-07PKGFILE: remove python2 as dependencySilvio Fricke
2019-10-07PKGFILE: remove special case for xdot.pySilvio Fricke
2018-10-10PKGBUILD: update to version 0.68.r3Silvio Fricke
2018-06-18rework dependency listSilvio Fricke
2018-06-18downgrade to 0.68.r0.4445e8efSilvio Fricke
2018-03-11update to 0.68.rc1Silvio Fricke
2017-11-14PKGFILE: add replace and conflicting information against zimSilvio Fricke
2017-11-14PKGFILE: update version to last buildSilvio Fricke
2017-11-14PKGFILE: reformat codeSilvio Fricke
2017-11-14PKGFILE: change maintainerSilvio Fricke
2017-11-14PKGFILE: changes to use git-version of zim desktopSilvio Fricke
2017-11-14initial commitSilvio Fricke