AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-170.7.2 (bump)redfish
2019-06-22Revert "deps: temporarily remove python-maxminddb"redfish
2019-06-17deps: temporarily remove python-maxminddbredfish
2019-04-28optdeps: namecoin, checkdeps: mockredfish
2019-04-07deps: geoip2-database (see PR #1962)redfish
2019-04-03Revert "deps: add openssl"redfish
2019-04-03deps: add opensslredfish
2019-04-02deps: pyelliptic to 2.0.1 (see Zeronet #917)redfish
2019-03-30pin python-pyelliptic at 1.5.6redfish
2019-03-29clear revision from versionredfish
2019-03-28dep: python-pyasn1-modulesredfish
2019-03-28python 3 branchredfish
2019-02-17bump to 0.6.5redfish
2018-11-18service: add SyslogIdentifierredfish
2018-11-17bump to 0.6.4redfish
2018-07-21switch to sha256sums (policy) and update .conf sumredfish
2018-07-21install: let zeronet user own config fileredfish
2018-07-21conf: add defaults for Tor settingsredfish
2018-07-21install: add note about ControlPort for torrcredfish
2018-07-21source: VCS packages should use https+git (policy)redfish
2018-07-21remove revision from committed versionredfish
2018-07-21bump to 0.6.2-2: remove versions from depsredfish
2018-03-05bump to 0.6.2redfish
2018-02-03bump to 0.6.1redfish
2017-11-18install: create log dirredfish
2017-10-18bump to 0.6.0redfish
2017-10-18tor bug 19953 was fixed, no need for tor-authredfish
2017-10-18do not create dirs, must not be owned by the pkgredfish
2017-08-20bump to 0.5.7redfish
2017-06-19bump to 0.5.6redfish
2017-06-05bump to 0.5.5redfish
2017-04-21bump to 0.5.4redfish
2016-11-17bump version to 0.5.0redfish
2016-09-22bump version to 0.4.1 (pre-release)redfish
2016-08-20bump to 0.4.0redfish
2016-04-29bump ver in SRCINFO to 0.3.7 to match real pkg verredfish
2016-03-26do not create untracked dirsredfish
2016-03-26do not autoremove user (security concern)redfish
2016-03-15remove redundant build function with git cloneredfish
2016-03-15don't create 'log' dir; log directory is now /var/log/zeronetredfish
2016-03-15install: more instructions for using as zeronet userredfish
2016-03-15install: instructions for viewing the logredfish
2016-03-15install: remove redundant CookieAuth option from Tor configredfish
2016-03-15rebuild sourceinforedfish
2016-03-15use /var/lib for data dir and /var/log for logsredfish
2016-03-14install: instructions about ops as user zeronetredfish
2016-03-14install: add note to restart Torredfish
2016-03-14install: use /var/lib not /var/run for tor authredfish