AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-11upgpkg: yturl 2.0.2-1Chris Down
2016-04-22Release 2.0.1-1Chris Down
2016-02-03Release 2.0.0-3: Fix "license should be an array"Chris Down
2016-02-03Update 2.0.0-2: License should be "Public Domain"Chris Down
2016-02-02Release 2.0.0-2: Move python-setuptools to main dependsChris Down
2016-01-24Release 2.0.0-1Chris Down
2015-09-08Release 1.20.0-2: Add python-requests dependencyChris Down
2015-09-08Release 1.20.0-1Chris Down
2015-09-06Release 1.19.0-1Chris Down
2015-08-12Release 1.18.0-2: mksrcinfoChris Down
2015-08-12Release 1.18.0-2: Add setuptools dependencyChris Down
2015-08-07Release 1.18.0-1Chris Down