AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysUpdate version to 4.13.0Alexis BRENON
2021-08-27Update version to 4.12.1Alexis BRENON
2021-08-23Update version to 4.12.0Alexis BRENON
2021-07-26Update version to 4.11.2Alexis BRENON
2021-07-20Update version to 4.11.1Alexis BRENON
2021-07-19Update version to 4.11.0Alexis BRENON
2021-07-19Update version to 4.10.0Alexis BRENON
2021-07-19Update version to 4.9.8Alexis BRENON
2021-06-16Update version to 4.9.6Alexis BRENON
2021-06-10Update version to 4.9.5Alexis BRENON
2021-05-25Update version to v4.9.3Alexis BRENON
2021-05-21Update version to v4.9.2Alexis BRENON
2021-05-19Upgrade .SRCINFOAlexis BRENON
2021-05-19Update version to v4.9.1Alexis BRENON
2021-04-06update version to v4.6.3Matthew McGinn
2021-02-18update version to v4.6.0Matthew McGinn
2021-02-09update version to v4.5.0Matthew McGinn
2021-01-30update version to v4.4.1Matthew McGinn
2021-01-15update version to v4.4.0Matthew McGinn
2021-01-04update packageMatthew McGinn
2020-11-10update version to v3.4.1Matthew McGinn
2020-09-21update version to v3.4.0Matthew McGinn
2020-06-19update version to v3.3.2Matthew McGinn
2020-06-12update version to v3.3.1Matthew McGinn
2020-05-18bump gitignoreMatthew McGinn
2020-04-23bump version, add gitignoreMatthew McGinn
2020-02-21initial commit to bring package backMatthew McGinn