AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-29upgpkg: yawls 1.2.2-4Giovanni Santini
2016-05-18upgpkg: yawls 1.2.2-3Giovanni Santini
2016-04-27upgpkg: yawls 1.2.2-2Giovanni Santini
2015-09-27upgpkg: yawls 1.2.2-1Giovanni Santini
2015-07-26Fixing service file, waiting for upstream commits in an official releaseGiovanni Santini
2015-07-21Fix errors in logrotateGiovanni Santini
2015-07-18Removing .install file from the source() array and editing it a bitGiovanni Santini
2015-07-18First release everGiovanni Santini