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2018-10-05.SRCINFO updateJ.M. Dana
2018-10-04The url is not valid anymoreJ.M. Dana
2017-12-09Version updateJ.M. Dana
2017-12-09Merge pull request #2 from Ybalrid/patch-1Jose M. Dana
Set licence to MIT
2017-12-09Set licence to MITArthur Brainville
The license of xxgdb in the source code follows the MIT "old style" with a no-advertising clause and a warranty disclamer.
2017-12-08Update of the copyright notice + AUR infoJ.M. Dana
2017-12-08License removed in preparation for merge with AUR repositoryJ.M. Dana
2017-12-08Use pkgver variableArthur Brainville
2017-12-08Change the url to the source code archiveArthur Brainville (Ybalrid)
Signed-off by: Arthur Brainville (Ybalrid) <>
2017-12-08Authorship informationJ.M. Dana
2017-12-08Initial commitJose M. Dana
initial commit