AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-08Bump to 3.13Konstantin Shalygin
2020-03-28Bump to 3.9Konstantin Shalygin
2019-12-09Bump to 3.7Konstantin Shalygin
2019-11-08Fixed regex for 5.3+ Arch Kernels.Konstantin Shalygin
2019-09-11Bump to 3.5Konstantin Shalygin
2019-07-27Added Linux 5.2 compat patch.Konstantin Shalygin
2019-03-14Bump to 3.3Konstantin Shalygin
2018-12-05iptables -> xtablesKonstantin Shalygin
2018-11-18Now Archlinux kernels make depmod by yourself via alpm hook.Konstantin Shalygin
2018-09-18Bump to 3.2Konstantin Shalygin
2018-08-07Cleanup depmod junk.Konstantin Shalygin
2018-02-18Bump to version 3.0 !! only Linux 4.15+ is supported !!Konstantin Shalygin
2018-02-10Added upstream patch for 4.15 support.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-12-29Fixed mistype.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-12-25Allow to define custom linux_localversion.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-12-05Bump to 2.14Konstantin Shalygin
2017-11-13Allow to define linux_custom package.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-07-08Bump to 2.13.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-01-21Bump to 2.12Konstantin Shalygin
2016-08-17Fix install on Linux 4.7.0Konstantin Shalygin
2016-05-21Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git:// Shalygin
2016-05-21bump to 2.11Konstantin Shalygin
2016-05-21bump to 2.11Konstantin Shalygin
2016-04-27New method of depmodKonstantin Shalygin
2016-04-16New method of kernel versioun found. May be switch to ALPM dkms hooks..?Konstantin Shalygin
2016-03-27Up to 2.10-5Konstantin Shalygin
2016-02-27Add pkg-config to makedepsKonstantin Shalygin
2016-01-30Add prepare sectionKonstantin Shalygin
2016-01-30Correct build options, instead commands in package sectionKonstantin Shalygin
2016-01-26Fix install: instead echo about depmod - do it!Konstantin Shalygin
2016-01-26add .gitignoreKonstantin Shalygin
2016-01-26ipset support in xtables dropped in 2012 [ Shalygin
2016-01-26bump to 2.10Konstantin Shalygin
2015-06-19Initial commitThiago Coutinho