AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysNew release (7.4.11-1)grufo
2020-09-25PKGBUILD: Add inetutils to the `$depends` arraygrufo
2020-09-21xampp.install: messages (cont'd)grufo
2020-09-21xampp.install: messagesgrufo
2020-09-21PKGBUILD: added comment about the double versioning format usedgrufo
2020-09-21Add support for different upstream releases of the same packagegrufo
2020-09-21Added categories to launchers and fixed typo in file `org.apachefriends.xampp...grufo
2020-09-19PKGBUILD: fix typogrufo
2020-09-19PKGBUILD: removed obsolete lines (already commented out)grufo
2020-09-19Globally: executables, launchers and polkit actions; PKGBUILD: variables and ...grufo
2020-09-18Improved integration with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standardgrufo
2020-09-18Restored `properties.ini` and further package reviewgrufo
2020-09-17Replaced `xampp.png` with `xampp.svg`grufo
2020-09-17Use a different name for the icongrufo
2020-09-17Use systemd-sysusers and systemd-tmpfiles for `mysql` user and groupgrufo
2020-09-16PKGBUILD: chmodgrufo
2020-09-16PKGBUILD: use a simple symlink for the license directorygrufo
2020-09-15xampp.install: almost nothinggrufo
2020-09-15PKGBUILD: leave original phpMyAdmin settingsgrufo
2020-09-15Package reviewgrufo
2020-09-14xampp.install: messagesgrufo
2020-09-14xampp.install: English grammar onlygrufo
2020-09-14PKGBUILD: removed unused verbose mode from `rsync` callsgrufo
2020-09-14xampp.install: revised backup during package upgradegrufo
2020-09-14PKGBUILD onlygrufo
2020-09-13PKGBUILD: almost nothinggrufo
2020-09-13xampp.install: use automatic UUID in user and group creation in `post_install()`grufo
2020-09-13xampp.install: `pre_remove()` cleaninggrufo
2020-09-13PKGBUILD: `package()` messagesgrufo
2020-09-13PKGBUILD: comments onlygrufo
2020-09-13xampp.install: script review (cont'd)grufo
2020-09-13xampp.install: script reviewgrufo
2020-09-13New release (7.4.10-1)grufo
2020-04-14updated xampp versionOguz Kagan EREN
2020-01-14update package and add dependencyOguz Kagan EREN
2020-01-08fix mk4 error thanks to @andriybyelikovOguz Kagan EREN
2019-12-31change dependency 32 version to 64Oguz Kagan EREN
2019-12-31add depencyOguz Kagan EREN
2019-12-15update packageOguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-19update srcinfoOguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-19mergeOguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-19fix phpmyadmin issueOguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-19fix #1Oguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-17update pkgbuild, not working mysqlOguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-16add xampp control panel. installing the package without problem but not worki...Oguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-15fix links problem. After changes a few files, share it :)Oguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-15update pkgbuildOguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-15Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Kagan EREN
2019-11-15update pkgbuild headerOguz Kagan EREN
2019-11-15update pkgbuild headerOguz Kagan EREN