AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-01Push srcinfo, add license.Oliver Rümpelein
2021-01-01upgrade to 4.2Siegfried Krug
2019-12-27Version bump to 4.1Oliver Rümpelein
2019-11-27Update to 4.0, drop 32bit supportOliver Rümpelein
2019-07-05Remove EULA pdf, as it's not provided anymore.Oliver Rümpelein
2019-02-09Add ttf-liberation as noted by dvzrvOliver Rümpelein
2018-03-10New version: 3.2Oliver Rümpelein
2017-03-02Added hicolor-icon-theme dep.Oliver Rümpelein
2017-03-01Add desktop shortcut and refine pkgbuildEvan Anderson
2016-11-16Added 64bit executable.Oliver Rümpelein
2016-11-16Version bump to 3.1Oliver Rümpelein
2016-09-21Emergenyc-fix of missing 'Oliver Rümpelein
2016-09-21version bump: 3.0Oliver Rümpelein
2016-05-22Added mesa-libgl to dependsOliver Rümpelein
2015-12-06Updated to v2.5Oliver Rümpelein
2015-10-12Fixed changed download-URL.Oliver Rümpelein
2015-08-03Forgot SRCINFOOliver Rümpelein
2015-08-03Version bum to 2.4.Oliver Rümpelein
2015-06-08Initial commitOliver Rümpelein