AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-25x3270: bump to 3.6ga12 for now, 4.0ga9 latertuftedocelot
2020-05-23x3270: version bump to 3.6ga11tuftedocelot
2019-10-21x3270: version bumptuftedocelot
2019-10-21x3270: version bump to 3.6ga5tuftedocelot
2018-09-30x3270: version bump to 3.6ga5tuftedocelot
2017-12-03x3270: vers bump from 3.5ga11 to 3.5ga12tuftedocelot
2017-09-14x3270: vers bump and only build unixtuftedocelot
2016-10-09x3270: add xorg-bdftopcf to makedep. Thanks hcbtuftedocelot
2016-10-08x3270: update to latest versiontuftedocelot
2016-02-13x3270 version bump and PKGBUILD updatestuftedocelot
2015-07-04import x3270tuftedocelot