AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-04Add missing depsCôme Chilliet
2019-02-12Updated srcinfoCôme Chilliet
2019-02-12Updated to 3.5.4 and moved to make install provided by upstreamCôme Chilliet
2018-03-20Updated to 3.3.1Côme Chilliet
2017-12-16Updated to 3.1.0Côme Chilliet
2016-07-10Updated to 2.3.0, moved tolua++ to dependsCôme Chilliet
2016-05-25Updated to 2.2.5Côme Chilliet
2016-05-15Updated to 2.2.1Côme Chilliet
2016-03-22Updated SRCINFOCôme Chilliet
2016-03-02Updated to v1.99Côme Chilliet
2016-01-10Updated to new release, added iconCôme Chilliet
2016-01-08Added PKGBUILDCôme Chilliet