AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-01-06Go back to v1.0.2Sam Whited
Apparently the v1.0.6 version that was labeled as v1.0.2-6 is actually only for elementary os… it's all very confusing.
2020-01-06Bump to v1.0.6Sam Whited
2018-12-20Bump to 1.0.2Sam Whited
2018-12-15Bump to v1.0.1Sam Whited
2018-10-01Make writeas-cli an optional dependencySam Whited
Also remove unnecessary GTK3 dep and other misc cleanup
2018-10-01Fix rebuildsSam Whited
2018-10-01Fix license (GPL3, not "GPL" which means 2+)Sam Whited
2018-10-01Initial writeas-gtk 1.0.0 commitSam Whited