AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysDeprecate Ayatana indicators, remove more mutter-related codeQue Quotion
2019-11-20Offload animation to panel widgetQue Quotion
2019-10-31Fix bug brought out by GLib.Settings switchover; more upstream updates to con...Que Quotion
2019-10-30Catch up to upstream!Que Quotion
2019-03-08Update dependencies again; git version of granite no longer required; make co...Que Quotion
2019-03-08Update dependencies: cmake -> meson; cogl in depends() rather than makedepends()Que Quotion
2019-03-08There is no longer a problem finding cogl; probably ever since switching to m...Que Quotion
2018-12-16So long, and thanks for all the broken builds! (CMake build system removed)Que Quotion
2018-12-02Switch to meson build; update patches to remove gala plugins, etc. from meson...Que Quotion
2018-10-30prep for transition to mesonQue Quotion
2018-09-25Standardize pantheon pkgbuildsQue Quotion
2018-09-20Remove mutter dependency; holdover from removed gala dependenciesQue Quotion
2018-09-20But let's go with 3.14 anyway.Que Quotion
2018-09-20Lower libwnck version; according to Valadoc looks like the latest version nee...Que Quotion
2018-09-19A little fine tuning; fix stuck panel on unhide from first mouseover after do...Que Quotion
2018-09-19Add libwnck3 dependency!Que Quotion
2018-09-19Various improvements:Que Quotion
2018-09-18Stabilize Dodge(-Float) mouseover behavior; streamline show/hide routines; m...Que Quotion
2018-09-18Treat fullscreen and maximized as the same thing.Que Quotion
2018-09-18Also check for workspace and viewport changes in "Dodge(-Float)"Que Quotion
2018-09-17Fixes for libwnck dependency; restore original animation speed for "Disabled"Que Quotion
2018-09-17Dodge maximized windows: two new autohide modes.Que Quotion
2018-07-03Temporarily reverse upstream commit 105c1d0 to fix missing submenus in (Ayata...Que Quotion
2018-06-19Add autohide delay; draw struts after animationQue Quotion
2018-06-17GSettings have recieved the RDNN treatmentQue Quotion
2018-06-04Remove more gala-dependent functions, including drag from panel (kind of poin...Que Quotion
2018-06-04Simplify patching out gala dependent functionsQue Quotion
2018-05-13No more wingpanel-interface? But the patch that deletes non-existing Quotion
2018-05-13remove old sha256Que Quotion
2018-04-26Specify libdir as 'lib'; because every cmake package is a unique and special ...Que Quotion
2018-04-26Fix broken libdir in pkgconfigQue Quotion
2018-03-10Autohide: fix buggy behavior around indicator edgesQue Quotion
2018-03-07Autohide: make default 'Disabled'Que Quotion
2018-03-07Autohide: See Quotion
2018-03-04autohide: remove quirky initial draw behaviorsQue Quotion
2018-03-04Don't autohide while indicators are open.Que Quotion
2018-03-04cleanup autohide patch, mess up backgroundmanager removing patch (the logical...Que Quotion
2018-03-04Add a gsetting for autohide, default offQue Quotion
2017-10-19Oh for crying out loud..Que Quotion
2017-10-13Enable autohide!Que Quotion
2017-10-13Updates! More effective patching.Que Quotion
2017-06-24merge upstream changesQue Quotion
2017-06-01minor fixQue Quotion
2017-06-01autohide is ready to ship!Que Quotion
2017-06-01kill timers to fix infinite loops!Que Quotion
2017-05-31on advice from #elementary-dev, these lines are not neededQue Quotion
2017-05-31why did i do that?Que Quotion
2017-05-31Mirror the on_realize functionQue Quotion
2017-05-30pkgsumsQue Quotion
2017-05-30little adjustments; no version bumpQue Quotion