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2021-04-24Updated to v0.5.2Tudor Roman
2020-04-22updated to v0.5.1Tudor Roman
2019-08-30update .SRCINFOTudor Roman
2019-08-30v0.5.0Tudor Roman
2017-08-22bump version to v0.4.1Tudor Roman
2017-08-10v0.4.0Tudor Roman
2017-03-09bump version to v0.3.2Tudor Roman
2017-02-26bump version to 0.3.1Tudor Roman
2017-01-23bump version to v0.2.7Tudor Roman
2017-01-02bump version to v0.2.6Tudor Roman
2016-12-16bumped version to v0.2.5Tudor Roman
2016-12-09bump version to v0.2.4Tudor Roman
2016-12-09bump version to 0.2.3Tudor Roman
2016-12-08bump versionTudor Roman
2016-11-10bump versionTudor Roman
2016-10-28added conflictsTudor Roman
2016-10-28bumped version to v0.2Tudor Roman
2016-09-29initial commitTudor Roman