AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-10update to 20.0.0.FinalStick
2020-03-20bump to 19.0.0.FinalStick
2019-10-11update to 18.0.0.FinalStick
2019-03-11update to 16.0.0.FinalStick
2018-12-12up: version 15.0.0.FinalStick
2018-10-13up: 14.0.1.FinalStick
2018-06-03.SRCINFO updHolger Rauch
2018-06-03new final rel 13Holger Rauch
2018-03-22version bump (11 => 12; finally got around to it :-) )Holger Rauch
2018-01-29version bump => 11.0.0.FinalHolger Rauch
2016-08-2110.1.0.FinalZdenek Obst
2016-08-10Updated java-runtime to version 8Zdenek Obst
2016-07-14Removed executable bit from service fileZdenek Obst
2016-01-3010.0.0.FinalZdenek Obst
2015-10-279.0.2.FinalZdenek Obst
2015-08-13Update to 9.0.1.FinalZdenek Obst
2015-06-08Initial commitZdenek Obst