AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-01-17namcap checkSeverin Glöckner
2020-12-12Boost rebuildSeverin Glöckner
2020-10-06redactoring the packageSeverin Glöckner
2019-10-11boost rebuildSeverin Glöckner
2018-12-31service: fix pipe managementSeverin Glöckner
2018-12-26seems Archlinux still requires this suffixSeverin Glöckner
2018-12-26EverywhereSeverin Glöckner
2018-12-26Typos. Typos evrerywhere!Severin Glöckner
2018-12-26fixupSeverin Glöckner
2018-12-26various updatesSeverin Glöckner
2018-10-17fixed Lua detection upstreamSeverin Glöckner
2018-10-17improved pkgbuildSeverin Glöckner
- support offline building (only connect to git the first time) - add hints for manual building on debian based distributions - remove checkdepends - use less variables, and use $startdir only in prepare() - cleanups
2018-10-08update checksumsSeverin Glöckner
2018-10-08with the recent changes the manual page can be accessed the normal waySeverin Glöckner
2018-10-06wesnoth 1.8 for archlinuxSeverin Glöckner
mainly for the purpose of viewing replay files