AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
17 hoursweblate v4.6Marcus Hoffmann
2021-03-26SRCINFOMarcus Hoffmann
2021-03-264.5.2Marcus Hoffmann
2021-03-07weblate version 4.5.1Marcus Hoffmann
2021-02-20update to 4.5Marcus Hoffmann
2021-01-13update to 4.4.1Marcus Hoffmann
2020-12-15forgot SRCINFOMarcus Hoffmann
2020-12-15update to 4.4Marcus Hoffmann
2020-12-02python 3.9 rebuildMarcus Hoffmann
2020-11-06update to 4.3.2Marcus Hoffmann
2020-11-04update to 4.3.1Marcus Hoffmann
2020-10-15update to 4.3Marcus Hoffmann
2020-09-05adjust celery config along upstreamMarcus Hoffmann
2020-09-02print upgrade instructions on upgradeMarcus Hoffmann
2020-09-02update to 4.2.2Marcus Hoffmann
2020-08-21weblate 4.2.1Marcus Hoffmann
2020-08-19update to 4.2Marcus Hoffmann
2020-08-11/var/run -> /runMarcus Hoffmann
2020-07-09add proper install fileMarcus Hoffmann
2020-07-09srcinfoMarcus Hoffmann
2020-07-09git-svn is not a separate packageMarcus Hoffmann
2020-07-09initial commitMarcus Hoffmann