AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 hoursFix wayfire and support for wlroots mastersolaraquarion
2020-06-10we need wlroots-git nowSolomon Choina
2020-06-10we need wlroots-git nowSolomon Choina
2020-06-08pushing pkgverSolomon Choina
2020-04-14default became .iniSolomon Choina
2020-02-08updpkgpkgverSolomon Choina
2019-06-04changing to wlroots stable and updating pkgverSolomon Choina
2019-02-15adding optdependsSolomon Choina
2019-02-15updpkgverSolomon Choina
2018-12-01updating pkgsumsSolomon Choina
2018-08-29decided to turn wf-config into a seperate packageSolomon Choina
2018-08-27update pkgverSolomon Choina
2018-06-28initial commitSolomon Choina