AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 dayswaffle-git: fixup (opt)dependency listEmil Velikov
9 dayswaffle-git: do out-of-tree builds, et alEmil Velikov
2021-02-11waffle-git: use correct/extend meson configure togglesEmil Velikov
2021-02-11waffle-git: add myself as a maintainerEmil Velikov
2020-12-21Regenerate the .SRCINFOEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Remove unneeded $srcdir, and put quotes only where they are neededEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Switch from cmake to meson, now preferred build systemEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Regenerate the .SRCINFOEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Add myself as a maintainerEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Mention AArch64 support since I tested that recentlyEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Mention git version in pkgdescEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Remove extra options, those should be set by the user in /etc/makepkg.confEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Switch from make to ninja as the build toolEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Add missing git makedepends and remove non-existent mesa-libglEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-12-21Update upstream git repository, it’s now at Freedesktop’s GitLabEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-11-27initial commitClayton Craft
2015-06-11Initial importBen Widawsky