AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-01fix voglperfrun -sJohannes Dewender
2015-10-31use native libedit, fixes compilation againJohannes Dewender
2015-10-31fix source urlJohannes Dewender
2015-02-26voglperf: add split with voglperf32 and voglperf64Johannes Dewender
2015-02-19voglperf: mention tinfo problem fixed in > 0.2Johannes Dewender
2015-02-19voglperf: multilib only on 64 bitJohannes Dewender
2015-02-19voglperf: fix ncurses/lib32-ncurses dependencyJohannes Dewender
2014-10-26voglperf: fix makedepends and remove debugJohannes Dewender
2014-10-26vogelperf -> voglperf (dir only)Johannes Dewender