AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-20Update for kernel 4.10 (untested)Markus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2017-03-20Update for new version of vmwareMarkus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2017-01-29Fix vsockMarkus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2017-01-23update for 4.9Markus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-09-27Fix vsockMarkus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-09-27Updates for 4.8; Fix vmblock; futher minor changesMarkus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-09-18Quick update for 4.7.2Markus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-05-26Update patches for 4.6 (untested)Markus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-05-26Tweaks for vmnet patchMarkus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-05-26Tweaks for vsock patchMarkus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-05-26Small tweak to vmmon patchMarkus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-05-26Update vmblock patch for 4.5Markus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-03-19hash fixMarkus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2016-03-19Update for kernel changesMarkus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2015-10-11Update to 308.0 (version from Workstation 12)Markus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
2015-09-21PKGBUILD FixRaansu
2015-09-21Initial upload for AUR4Raansu