AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-11moved the sourceBernhard Landauer
2016-12-10new download-linkBernhard Landauer
2016-12-09fix sourceBernhard Landauer
2016-11-04Use Fedora package as sourceMichael Straube
2016-04-16Updated to 2.7John Ackerman
2015-11-14Update to v2.6John Ackerman
2015-09-10Change to 2.5.1 instead of 2.5aJohn Ackerman
2015-09-10Updated to v2.5aJohn Ackerman
2015-09-08Updated to v2.5John Ackerman
2015-07-23Updated to version 2.4John Ackerman
2015-07-21Fixed PKGBUILDJohn Ackerman
2015-07-21Cleaned up PKGBUILDJohn Ackerman
2015-06-23Update PKGBUILD commentJohn Ackerman
2015-06-23Updated to version 2.3John Ackerman
2015-06-11Fix .install fileMako88
2015-06-11Initial CommitMako88