AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-25switch to mesonBen Iofel
2016-05-22use git revision according to AUR guidelinesBen Iofel
2016-05-22update pkgver for tagBen Iofel
2016-05-22add make depBen Iofel
2016-05-22Add depBen Iofel
2016-05-22Update for icons and resourcesBen Iofel
2016-05-13Fix buildBen Iofel
2016-03-31Update for bayes-glibBen Iofel
2016-02-11Add gstreamer dependencyBen Iofel
2016-02-10Update git versionBen Iofel
2016-02-10update srcinfoBen Iofel
2016-02-10add contributorBen Iofel
2016-02-10Update a lotBen Iofel
2016-02-10Initial commitBen Iofel