AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-10-03gcc 11 fixPaul Hentschel (hpmachining)
Added CXXFLAG options to build with gcc 11
2020-05-21PKGBUILD cleanup and gcc 10 fix.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
Added CXXFLAG to build with gcc 10 Moved patching from build function to prepare function. Added .gitignore file
2020-03-08Added CXXFLAGS, changed build dependancy.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
Added CXXFLAGS to build with gcc 9. Changed build dependancy from gyp-git to gyp.
2018-05-29upgpkg: v8-3.14 3.14.5-4pat-s
update gcc8 checks (thanks @sjewo)
2018-03-04exclude power_patchpat-s
2018-03-04update sha256pat-s
2018-03-04update checksumspat-s
2018-03-04update sourcespat-s
2016-06-21Bump pkgrelFranklyn Tackitt
2016-06-21Fix buildsFranklyn Tackitt
2015-06-10Initial ImportFranklyn Tackitt