AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-03-31Change versioning scheme to match upstreamFelix Uhl
2021-03-31Revert "Bump version to be equivalent to upstream"Felix Uhl
This reverts commit 3e33cc1d29b2c809c724c4d7b2a719ddc65a6984.
2021-03-29Bump version to be equivalent to upstreamFelix Uhl
2021-03-29Update maintainerFelix Uhl
2021-03-29Fix build for gcc >= 10Felix Uhl
2017-03-06commit uswsusp-git 0.r501.g668c5f7-8Christian Hesse
2015-07-13commit uswsusp-git 0.r501.g668c5f7-7Christian Hesse
2015-06-30initial import of uswsusp-git 0.r501.g668c5f7-6Christian Hesse