AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysRemove CUDA patch since it's become redundantXavier Cho
2020-08-30Fix problem with embree.patch due to recent changesXavier Cho
2020-08-01I swear I added blenderplayer!Xavier Cho
2020-08-01Fix build failure due to CUDA 11 updateXavier Cho
2020-07-22Add missing /usr/bin/blenderplayerXavier Cho
2020-07-19Update .SRCINFOXavier Cho
2020-07-19Fix problem with embree.patchXavier Cho
2020-06-28Update PKGBUILD to make it compatible with master branchXavier Cho
2018-11-02Fixed checksum issueAlden Peeters
2018-11-02Initial commitAlden Peeters