AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-11-01bump versionGrey Christoforo
2020-03-12bump revisionGrey Christoforo
2019-04-14bump to 379Grey Christoforo
2018-06-19ucsc-kent-genome-tools downgrade to v353 which buildsclintval
2018-06-07Version to 366, does not build on Archclintval
2018-01-24uscs-kent-genome-tools fixed prepend to PATHclintval
2018-01-21ucsc-kent-genome-tools .SRCINFO bumpclintval
2018-01-21ucsc-kent-genome-tools to v348clintval
2017-04-17version bumpGrey Christoforo
2016-07-07fix buildGrey Christoforo
2016-07-07version bump to 334, moved install dir to /optGrey Christoforo
2016-04-24bump to v331, fix license syntax in pkgbuildGrey Christoforo
2016-01-30fix dumbnessGrey Christoforo
2016-01-29fix bug in buildGrey Christoforo
2016-01-29move .hg.conf to its own fileGrey Christoforo
2016-01-28bump to v327Grey Christoforo
2016-01-08version bump to 326Grey Christoforo
2015-07-28bump version to 319Grey Christoforo
2015-06-20Initial importGrey Christoforo