AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-13added python-pyqt optional dependency needed by specan-uiDoug Penner
2021-01-13updated to 2020-12-R1 and removed merged patchDoug Penner
2020-10-21added patch from Penner
2020-10-21increased pkgrelDoug Penner
2020-10-21replaced libusbx with libusbDoug Penner
2020-02-15updated pkgrelDoug Penner
2020-02-15updated to python3Doug Penner
2019-05-08moved python2-pyside2 to optdependsDoug Penner
2019-03-10Forgot to regen SRCINFO after bumping release numberDoug Penner
2019-03-10moved qt to optdepends as it's only required for specan-uiDoug Penner
2019-03-05updated to 2018-12-R1, added firmware, and fixed dependenciesDoug Penner
2018-11-24updated SOURCEINFODoug Penner
2018-11-24Updated to new releaseDoug Penner
2015-11-01upgraded to 2015-10-R1Doug Penner
2015-09-14intial AUR4 commit with new versionDoug Penner