AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-30Add missing SRCINFOSunjae Young Park
2020-06-30Cleanup PKGBUILD and remove xorg-font-utils dependencySunjae Young Park
2018-03-19Fix Nanum font hash mismatch and cleanup pkgbuild/srcinfodarehanl
2017-10-11Nanum fonts are released yearly; update to 2017darehanl
2017-10-08Adding missed SRCINFOdarehanl
2016-12-16Update MD5SUMs and clean up PKGBUILDSunjae Park
2016-03-28Updated to latest md5sum. New version includes NanumSquareSunjae Park
2015-09-21Fixing typo with makedepends. Keeping epoch since this is just a PKGBUILD bug.darehanl
2015-06-13Initial Importdarehanl