AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-09-27package folder changeJishnu Mohan
2020-09-27follow package guidelinesJishnu Mohan
2020-01-10new releaseJishnu Mohan
2019-05-28file name changeJishnu Mohan
2018-04-11use sha256Jishnu Mohan
2018-04-11add licenseJishnu Mohan
2017-09-12v7.0.0Jishnu Mohan
2016-06-18Updating md5 sumsAashik
2016-04-12Font fixes, will have a release soonAashik
2016-01-16updating .SRCINFOR Daneel
2016-01-16Anjali font version with minor bugfixR Daneel
2015-07-23Importing from old AURR Daneel