AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-01-02upgpkg: tshock-bin 14.3.26-2Sefa Eyeoglu
Fix backup property
2020-01-02upgpkg: tshock-bin 14.3.26-1Sefa Eyeoglu
upstream release Add maintainer line
2020-01-02Bring package to current standardsSefa Eyeoglu
2018-02-19Updated to 4.3.25Philip Abernethy
2017-11-04Bump to 4.3.24Philip Abernethy
2015-11-13Bumped to 4.3.11Philip Abernethy
2015-09-20Updated to 4.3.9Philip Abernethy
2015-08-07Updated to 4.3.8Philip Abernethy
2015-07-14Added support for more command line options and enabled -autocreate, ↵Philip Abernethy
removing the necessity for manual intervention to create new instances.
2015-07-14.install excluded from source arrayPhilip Abernethy
2015-07-14Initial commitPhilip Abernethy