AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysadded arm64gacallea
2021-02-28trezor udev to providesHugo Stiglitz
2020-12-05update to 2.0.30Hugo Stiglitz
2019-05-20Version 2.0.27Jakub Trnka
2019-05-08Version 2.0.26Jakub Trnka
2019-01-05Restart service after an upgradeJakub Trnka
2018-12-16Version 2.0.25Jakub Trnka
2018-08-02Version 2.0.19Jakub Trnka
2018-06-08Version 2.0.14Jakub Trnka
2018-05-25Dependencies updatedJakub Trnka
2018-05-25Upgrade to version 2.0.13, source package URL update to https://wallet.trezor.ioJakub Trnka
2017-08-24trezord: version bump to v1.2.1Sebastian Jug
2016-10-19Fix for new package structureSebastian Jug
2016-10-19trezord: version bump to v1.2.0Sebastian Jug
2016-04-03trezord: version bump to v1.1.3Sebastian Jug
2015-10-31trezord: forgot v1.1.2 srcinfoSebastian Jug
2015-10-31trezord: version bump to v1.1.2Sebastian Jug
2015-08-06Initial commitSebastian Jug