AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-19Update to trafficserver release 8.0.7Galen Sampson
2017-09-15Update to trafficserver release 7.1.1Galen Sampson
2016-11-237.0.0: Update .SRCINFOGalen Sampson
2016-11-23Update to trafficserver release 7.0.0Galen Sampson
2016-11-23PKGBUILD.package(): remove empty directories left by the build process.Galen Sampson
2016-08-24doc: set environment and build dependencies to generate man pagesGalen Sampson
2016-08-17Update to trafficserver release 6.2.0Galen Sampson
2016-02-13Update to trafficserver release 6.1.1Galen Sampson
2016-01-316.1.0: Update .SRCINFOGalen Sampson
2016-01-31Update to trafficserver release 6.1.0Galen Sampson
2016-01-31PKGBUILD: Add dependency to libunwind.Galen Sampson
2016-01-31trafficserver.install: tabs to spaces.Galen Sampson
2016-01-31trafficserver.install: Create temporary files with systemd-tmpfilesGalen Sampson
2016-01-31PKGBUILD: Don't use configure option --with-user=Galen Sampson
2015-07-10Update to trafficserver release 5.3.1Galen Sampson
2015-03-27Update to trafficserver release 5.2.0Galen Sampson
2015-03-27Fixup changelog for 5.1.1-1 release.Galen Sampson
2014-11-09Update to trafficserver release 5.1.1Galen Sampson
2014-07-28Update to trafficserver release 5.0.1Galen Sampson
2014-07-28build(): defensively specify $srcdir while changing directories.Galen Sampson
2014-07-28Add prepare() to PKGBUILD.Galen Sampson
2014-05-22Update to trafficserver release 4.2.1Galen Sampson
2014-04-05pkgname: revert the use of an array.Galen Sampson
2014-04-05Silence warning generated during package upgrade.Galen Sampson
2014-04-05Don't bother removing libtool libraries.Galen Sampson
2014-04-05Update to trafficserver release 4.2.0Galen Sampson
2013-12-27Update to trafficserver release 4.1.2Galen Sampson
2013-09-10Output a log and cache cleanup message upon package removal.Galen Sampson
2013-09-10Ensure that trafficserver will start immediately after package install.Galen Sampson
2013-09-10Update to trafficserver release 4.0.1Galen Sampson
2013-07-29Update to trafficserver release 3.2.5Galen Sampson
2013-03-19Initial package of Apache Traffic Server 3.2.4.Galen Sampson