AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
10 daysUpdate Touchegg to version 2.0.5Jeffrey Bouter
For release notes, see:
2020-12-14Remove License fileJeffrey Bouter
- Since GPL is being used, the LICENSE file should not be included separately
2020-12-13Update the package dependencies and licenseJeffrey Bouter
- Update license to GPL3 - Add LICENSE file - Add gtk3 as dependency - Add libxi as dependency
2020-12-13Update dependenciesJeffrey Bouter
- Remove pkgconf from dependencies, as AUR dictates base-devel is installed, and pkgconf is part of base-devel
2020-12-13Update dependenciesJeffrey Bouter
- Add pkgconf to make dependencies
2020-12-12Update toucheggJeffrey Bouter
- Add autostart desktop file to /etc/xdg/autostart
2020-12-11Update to 2.0.4Jeffrey Bouter
- Update touchegg to 2.0.4 - Add sha512sum checking - Add gitignore to ignore common build files
2020-10-07Fixed typo.AwesomeHaircut
Added .install
2016-09-21Use Github upstream. Properly build bundled GUI.David Thurstenson
2015-06-08Import from old AURXiao-Long Chen