AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-05New package releaseMax Harmathy
2021-02-07libhandy is a runtime dependencyMax Harmathy
2021-02-06Add missing makedependsMax Harmathy
2021-02-02Update to new release 1.0Max Harmathy
2021-01-11Remove unused patchMax Harmathy
2021-01-11Add aarch64 architectureMax Harmathy
2020-12-08Upstream release 1.0-alpha2Max Harmathy
2020-12-08InheritMax Harmathy
2019-10-16Fix build on Vala 0.46Wesley Moore
2019-10-10Symlink com.github.bleakgrey.tootle to tootleWesley Moore
2019-02-05Don't build PIE, add optdepend for noto emoji fontWesley Moore
2018-11-07Version 0.2.0Wesley Moore
2018-08-20Remove duplicate vala dependencyWesley Moore
2018-06-21Version 0.1.5Wesley Moore
2018-06-05Initial commitWesley Moore