AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-17review by coderobeFrederik Schwan
2020-05-17review by anthraxxFrederik Schwan
2020-05-07PKGBUILD review of coderobeFrederik Schwan
2020-04-26migrate to b2sumsFrederik Schwan
2020-02-22replace maintainer e-mail address for an archlinux specific oneFrederik Schwan
2019-11-06fix quoting in PKGBUILD headerfrederik
2019-11-06tomighty: PKGBUILD review by svenstarofrederik
2019-09-06upgpkg: tomighty 0.7.2-2frederik
2018-08-29add https to source urlfrederik
2017-08-17fix checksumfrederik
2017-05-29make it buildfrederik
2016-09-11Fix 404 URL due to Google Code shutdownSlavi Pantaleev
2015-07-29Initial commitSlavi Pantaleev