AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-12Only copy the compltion script if the directory existsAndrew Lamarra
2017-11-11Fixed PKGBUILDAndrew Lamarra
2017-11-11Updating to v1.5Andrew Lamarra
2017-05-21Updated to latest v1.4Andrew Lamarra
2017-05-20Updated to v1.3Andrew Lamarra
2017-03-30Changed the name of the downloaded source fileAndrew Lamarra
2017-03-30Removed the line installing LICENSE file & updated license to GPL3Andrew Lamarra
2017-03-24v1.2 just changes the code to use some best practicesAndrew Lamarra
2017-03-22v1.1 removes the PKGBUILD file from the source filesAndrew Lamarra
2017-03-20Fixed PKGBUILDAndrew Lamarra
2017-03-20Using git releasesAndrew Lamarra
2017-03-20Removed commented variables in PKGBUILDAndrew Lamarra
2017-03-20First commitAndrew Lamarra