AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-05Version 3.2.0Antony Kellermann
2018-10-05Changed CC to cc instead of gcc and moved libs/cflags to end of line. This fi...Antony Kellermann
2018-10-05Removed strlen in api_store_info/array functionsAntony Kellermann
2018-10-04Added some documentationAntony Kellermann
2018-10-01Fixed search completion reloading every focus inAntony Kellermann
2018-09-30Updated todoAntony Kellermann
2018-09-29Added current price to info headerAntony Kellermann
2018-09-27Added default window sizeAntony Kellermann
2018-09-27Split up format cells into two functions. Fixed header not displaying correctlyAntony Kellermann
2018-09-27Implemented getting info on peers in gtkAntony Kellermann
2018-09-27Made data level misc get 5y chartAntony Kellermann
2018-09-27Fixed segfaults on no internet for gtkAntony Kellermann
2018-09-27Updated future ideasAntony Kellermann
2018-09-27Removed storage of ref cache in gtkAntony Kellermann
2018-09-27Implemented ref cacheAntony Kellermann
2018-09-27Removed dialog on file not existingAntony Kellermann
2018-09-26Added cache path initAntony Kellermann
2018-09-26Split up ref_data storage into separate functionsand added time_loaded variab...Antony Kellermann
2018-09-26Implemented basic graph for GTK+Antony Kellermann
2018-09-26Removed format y2k warningsAntony Kellermann
2018-09-26Redefined days to business days ratio and moved to api.hAntony Kellermann
2018-09-26Added DATA_LEVEL_GRAPHAntony Kellermann
2018-09-26Moved graph fill empty function to apiAntony Kellermann
2018-09-13Used memset to compensate for strncpy lack of null terminator and removed ref...Antony Kellermann
2018-09-04Added streq macroAntony Kellermann
2018-09-04Modified info_array_find_symbol_recursive to first go through info_array rath...Antony Kellermann
2018-09-04RefactoringAntony Kellermann
2018-09-04DocumentationAntony Kellermann
2018-09-04Made iex batch work with arbitrary sizesAntony Kellermann
2018-08-30Implemented searchAntony Kellermann
2018-08-30Added ref data symbol searchAntony Kellermann
2018-08-29Added info array appendAntony Kellermann
2018-08-29Added function to find already loaded dataAntony Kellermann
2018-08-28Fixed bug using cash instead of marketcapAntony Kellermann
2018-08-28Implemented 60 second minimum reload timerAntony Kellermann
2018-08-25Added ref_data bsearchAntony Kellermann
2018-08-25Added strncpy safety and changed some sizes of struct membersAntony Kellermann
2018-08-25Made git checkout quietAntony Kellermann
2018-08-24Version 3.1.0Antony Kellermann
2018-08-24New ideasAntony Kellermann
2018-08-24Fixed segfault on ncurses newsAntony Kellermann
2018-08-23Fixed iex_batch_store_data_info bug and changed api provider to enumAntony Kellermann
2018-08-23Fixed wrong password segfaultAntony Kellermann
2018-08-23Fixed segfaults on graphing and some infopAntony Kellermann
2018-08-23Fixed gtk info mutual fundsAntony Kellermann
2018-08-23Added reload buttonAntony Kellermann
2018-08-23Added info labelsAntony Kellermann
2018-08-22Fixed segfaults on gtk info for etfs not having peersAntony Kellermann
2018-08-22Removed warningAntony Kellermann
2018-08-22Fixed curses graph only using 1 month dataAntony Kellermann