AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-03update patchesNarrat
2019-11-20ARicardo Cabral
2019-11-20Add DLAGENTS. Thanks to Victor Perin.Ricardo Cabral
2019-01-16Tibia: Small fixNarrat
2018-10-17Tibia: Forgot .SRCINFONarrat
2018-10-17Tibia: update stuffNarrat
2018-02-08.SRCINFO updateNarrat
2018-02-07Always use latest sourcesRaphael Costa
2018-01-30Tibia: update to 11.57.6239Narrat
2018-01-23Tibia: update to 11.56.6239Narrat
2018-01-18Tibia: update to build 11.55.6239Narrat
2018-01-16Tibia: update to build 11.54.6216Narrat
2018-01-10Tibia: update to build 11.53.6154Narrat
2017-12-24Tibia: update to build 11.52.6104Narrat
2017-12-14Tibia: Update to build 11.51.6099Narrat
2017-12-10Tibia: update to build 11.50.6055 part 2Narrat
2017-12-10Tibia: update to build 11.50.6055Narrat
2017-12-03Tibia: Possible refreshed releaseNarrat
2017-11-30Tibia: update to build 11.49.6030Narrat
2017-11-24Tibia: update to 11.49.6018Narrat
2017-11-18Tibia: Update to build 11.49.5983Narrat
2017-11-11Tibia: update to build 11.49.5921Narrat
2017-10-30Tibia: update to build 11.49.5884Narrat
2017-10-21Tibia: Update .SRCINFONarrat
2017-10-20Tibia: update to build 11.49.5813Narrat
2017-10-12Tibia: update to build 11.48.5753Narrat
2017-09-30Tibia: Update to build 11.47.5674Narrat
2017-09-14Tibia: Update to build 11.47.5602Narrat
2017-09-08Tibia: Update to build 11.46.5556Narrat
2017-09-03Tibia: Update to build 11.46.5537Narrat
2017-08-17tibia: update to build 11.43.5504Narrat
2017-08-07tibia: update to build 11.41.5435Narrat
2017-07-25Tibia: Fix /usr/bin symlinkNarrat
2017-07-25Tibia: Update to build 11.40.5409Narrat
2017-07-12tibia: update to build 11.32.5341Narrat
2017-06-30Tibia: Add FREETYPE_PROPERTIES to start-tibia.shNarrat
2017-06-30Tibia: add openssl-1.0 pathNarrat
2017-06-28tibia: remove start-tibia patchNarrat
2017-06-28tibia: update to build 11.32.5246Narrat
2017-05-21Tibia: Update to build 11.30.5036Narrat
2017-05-12Tibia: update to build 11.30.4952Narrat
2017-04-29tibia: Update to build 11.30.4876Narrat
2017-04-25tibia: update to 11.30.4866Narrat
2017-04-14tibia: Update to build 11.21.4812Narrat
2017-04-10tibia: update to build 11.20.4789Narrat
2017-03-24tibia: Update to build 11.20.4691Narrat
2017-03-09tibia: update to build 11.11.4603Narrat
2017-02-12tibia: Update to build 11.10.4445 and some cleanupNarrat
2017-01-20tibia: Update to build 11.04.4347Narrat
2017-01-20tibia: Give the group games write access to /opt/TibiaNarrat