AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 hoursupdate to version 91.0b3Raymond W. Ko
10 daysupdate to version 91.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2021-07-04update to version 90.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2021-06-22update to version 90.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2021-06-04update to version 90.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2021-05-19update to version 89.0b4Raymond W. Ko
2021-05-12update to version 89.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2021-05-03update to version 89.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2021-04-22update to version 89.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2021-04-19update to version 88.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2021-04-02update to version 88.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2021-03-24update the version 88.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2021-03-19update to version 87.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2021-03-08update to version 87.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2021-02-16update to version 86.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2021-02-10update to version 86.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2021-02-04update to version 86.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2021-01-06update to version 85.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2020-12-25update to version 85.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2020-12-05update to version 84.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2020-11-26update to version 84.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2020-11-15update to version 83.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2020-11-04update to version 83.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2020-10-25update to version 83.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2020-10-20update pkgrel to 2Raymond W. Ko
2020-10-20.desktop: add hunspell DICTPATH to all actionsRaymond W. Ko
2020-10-18fix hunspell integration not using system dicts, hunspell now requiredRaymond W. Ko
2020-10-18update to version 82.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2020-10-13update to version 82.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2020-09-28update to version 82.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2020-09-16update to version 81.0b4Raymond W. Ko
2020-08-22update to version 80.0bRaymond W. Ko
2020-08-09update to version 80.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2020-07-23update to version 79.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2020-07-17update to version 79.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2020-07-01update to version 78.0b4Raymond W. Ko
2020-06-25update to version 78.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2020-06-17update to version 78.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2020-06-13update to version 78.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2020-05-31update to version 77.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2020-05-14update to version 77.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2020-05-09update to version 77.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2020-04-30update to version 76.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2020-04-24update to version 76.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2020-04-14update to version 76.0b1 (update SRCINFO)Raymond W. Ko
2020-04-11update to version 76.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2020-04-02update to version 75.0b3Raymond W. Ko
2020-03-30update to version 75.0b2Raymond W. Ko
2020-03-17update to version 75.0b1Raymond W. Ko
2020-03-04update to version 74.0b2Raymond W. Ko