AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 hoursBump package to 0.28.1-1Jonathan Wright
11 daysBump package to 0.28.0-1Jonathan Wright
2021-04-19Bump package to 0.27.0-1Jonathan Wright
2021-04-05Bump package to 0.26.0-1Jonathan Wright
2021-03-11Bump package to 0.25.0-1Jonathan Wright
2021-02-02Bump package to 0.24.1-1Jonathan Wright
2021-01-31Bump package to 0.24.0-1Jonathan Wright
2021-01-11Bump package to 0.23.1-1Jonathan Wright
2021-01-11Replace the build script with a MakefileJonathan Wright
2021-01-04Bump package to 0.23.0-1Jonathan Wright
2020-12-10Bump package to 0.22.0-1Jonathan Wright
2020-11-23Bump package to 0.21.0-1Jonathan Wright
2020-11-23Add Arch Package files to .gitignoreJonathan Wright
2020-10-19Bump package to 0.20.3-1Jonathan Wright
2020-09-22Bump package to 0.20.2Jonathan Wright
2020-09-14Bump package to 0.20.1-1Jonathan Wright
2020-08-24Bump package to 0.19.1-1Jonathan Wright
2020-08-17Bump package to 0.19.0-1Jonathan Wright
2020-07-19Bump package to 0.18.0-1Jonathan Wright
2020-06-27Bump package to 0.17.0-1Jonathan Wright
2020-06-09Bump package to 0.16.2-1Jonathan Wright
2020-05-21Bump package to 0.16.1-1Jonathan Wright
2020-05-16Bump package to 1.16.0-1Jonathan Wright
2020-04-25Bump package to 0.15.5-1Jonathan Wright
2020-04-04Bump package to 0.15.4-1Jonathan Wright
2020-03-21Bump package to 0.15.3-1Jonathan Wright
2020-03-14Bump package to 0.15.2-1Jonathan Wright
2020-03-01Bump package to 0.15.1-1Jonathan Wright
2020-02-25Bump package to 0.15.0-1Jonathan Wright
2020-01-31Package bump to 0.14.0-1Jonathan Wright
2019-12-27Bump package to 0.13.4-1Jonathan Wright
2019-12-13Bump package to 0.13.2-1Jonathan Wright
2019-11-16Add provides and conflict against source tflint packageJonathan Wright
2019-11-16Bump package to 0.13.1Jonathan Wright
2019-11-11Update url to point to new GitHub organisationJonathan Wright
2019-11-10Fix invalid pkgrel numberJonathan Wright
2019-10-13Bump package to 0.12.1-1Jonathan Wright
2019-10-08Fix error following accidental removal of pkgnameJonathan Wright
2019-10-08Package bump to 0.12.0-1Jonathan Wright
2019-09-11Bump package to 0.11.1-1Jonathan Wright
2019-07-25Bump package to 0.9.2-2Jonathan Wright
2019-07-21Bump package to 0.9.2-1Jonathan Wright
2019-06-29Bump package to 0.9.0-1Jonathan Wright
2019-06-19Package bump to 0.8.3-1Jonathan Wright
2019-05-30Package bump to 0.8.1-1Jonathan Wright
2019-05-29Package bump to 0.8.0-1Jonathan Wright
2019-05-19Bump package to 0.7.6-1Jonathan Wright
2019-03-25Package bump to 0.7.4-2Jonathan Wright
2019-03-22Package bump to 0.7.4-1Jonathan Wright
2018-11-26Package bump to 0.7.2-1Jonathan Wright