AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-21Add libvte patchEmanuel Amaral Couto
2019-07-13Update to version 15Emanuel Amaral Couto
2018-11-15Update versionEmanuel Amaral Couto
2018-05-27Fix patch codeEmanuel Amaral Couto
2018-05-25Add quotes and braces arround shell variablesQuentin Bourgeois
2018-05-25Add conflicts/provides informationQuentin Bourgeois
2018-05-25Merge with termiteEmanuel Amaral Couto
2018-05-25Update versionEmanuel Amaral Couto
2017-12-27Fix conflict and sourceEmanuel Amaral Couto
2017-03-30fixed a thingblimpy
2017-03-30initial commitblimpy