AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-31telegram-tg(-git): python-setuptools as run depj.r
2021-04-29telegram-tg: update to 0.17.0-1j.r
2021-04-26telegram-tg: update to 0.16.0-1j.r
2021-04-25telegram-tg: update to 0.15.0-1j.r
2021-04-23telegram-tg: update to 0.12.0-1j.r
2021-04-22telegram-tg(-git): bump to 0.11.0j.r
2021-04-21telegram-tg(-git): add optdependsj.r
2021-04-21telegram-tg: update to 0.8.0-1j.r
2021-03-04Add correct gitignoresj.r
2021-02-22telegram-tg: Fix compatibility with new libtd versionj.r
2020-12-29Bump telegram-tg to 0.7.0-3j.r
2020-12-08Bump pkgrel to rebuild with new python versionj.r
2020-11-23upgpkg: telegram-tg 0.7.0-1j.r
2020-09-27Add python-setuptools as makedepj.r
2020-07-28Remove python-dephell as dependencyj.r
2020-07-28Update to version 0.6.0j.r
2020-07-21Update to 0.5.0j.r
2020-07-13Update to version 0.4.0j.r
2020-07-06Update to 0.3.0j.r
2020-07-02Update to version 0.2.0j.r
2020-06-29Init with version 0.1.3j.r