AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-26Fix previous commitnovenary
2021-03-26Don't fullscreen the media viewernovenary
2021-03-04Update to 2.6.1novenary
2021-02-14Add fix for thread entry in context menuDan Elkouby
2021-02-06Update to 2.5.8Dan Elkouby
2021-01-29Update to 2.5.7Dan Elkouby
2020-12-24Update to 2.5.1Dan Elkouby
2020-12-04Update to 2.4.7Dan Elkouby
2020-11-04Update to 2.4.6Dan Elkouby
2020-10-31Add xdg-open patchDan Elkouby
2020-10-31Update to 2.4.5Dan Elkouby
2020-10-04Update to 2.4.2Dan Elkouby
2020-08-24Update to 2.3.2Dan Elkouby
2020-08-06Update to 2.2.0Dan Elkouby
2020-06-27Update to 2.1.13Dan Elkouby
2020-06-09Update to 2.1.11Dan Elkouby
2020-06-06Update to 2.1.10Dan Elkouby
2020-06-06Update to 2.1.6Dan Elkouby
2020-05-07Update to 2.1.2Dan Elkouby
2020-04-30Update to 2.1.0Dan Elkouby
2020-04-07Update to 2.0.1Dan Elkouby
2020-03-28Update to 1.9.22Dan Elkouby
2020-02-21Update to 1.9.14Dan Elkouby
2020-02-14Update to 1.9.13Dan Elkouby
2020-01-30Update to 1.9.9Dan Elkouby
2020-01-27Fix building without spellcheckingDan Elkouby
2020-01-27Drop enchant dependencyDan Elkouby
2020-01-26Disable spellcheckingDan Elkouby
2020-01-26Fix multiple files sending as individual photosDan Elkouby
2020-01-26Fold delete/clear for everyone into one patchDan Elkouby
2020-01-26Update to 1.9.8Dan Elkouby
2020-01-18Update to 1.9.4Dan Elkouby
2019-12-29Add customizationsDan Elkouby
2019-12-29Import telegram-desktop from [community]Dan Elkouby