AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-25Bump TablePlus build.Huy Pham
2020-12-24Bump build.Huy Pham
2020-12-24Updated build.Huy Pham
2020-12-23Updated TablePlus build.Huy Pham
2020-12-19Bump version.Huy Pham
2020-08-24upgpkg: tableplus 0.1.64-1Winston Astrachan
2020-07-26refactor: modify desktop file without patchWinston Astrachan
2020-07-24Bump build.Huy Pham
2020-07-06Bump build.Huy Pham
2020-07-06Updated build.Huy Pham
2020-07-04Bump build.Huy Pham
2020-04-25Updated build.Huy Pham
2020-04-15Updated build.Huy Pham
2020-04-06Updated build.Huy Pham
2020-04-05Updated hashes.Huy Pham
2020-04-05Updated build.Huy Pham
2020-04-02upgpkg: tableplus 0.1.44-1Winston Astrachan
2020-03-31upgpkg: tableplus 0.1.42-1Winston Astrachan
2020-03-02Patch desktop shortcut to add category, commentWinston Astrachan
2020-03-01upgpkg: tableplus 0.1.40-1Winston Astrachan
2020-02-19Added gnome-keyring as a dependencyWinston Astrachan
2020-02-15Updated release build.Huy Pham
2020-01-07Updated buildHuy Pham
2020-01-07Updated TablePlus build.Huy Pham
2020-01-07Decremented pkgrel in preparation for new major version releaseWinston Astrachan
2020-01-02Updated build.Huy Pham
2019-12-22Updated build.Huy Pham
2019-12-22Updated hash.Huy Pham
2019-12-22Updated hash.Huy Pham
2019-12-22Updated build.Huy Pham
2019-12-22Updated Build.Huy Pham
2019-12-10Increment pkgrel so change in version scheme is detectedWinston Astrachan
2019-12-10Changed source URL to reflect upstream repository changesWinston Astrachan
2019-12-10Fixed download link.Huy Pham
2019-12-10Updated TablePlus Build.Huy Pham
2019-12-06Added co-maintainer to PKGBUILDWinston Astrachan
2019-12-06Updated release build.Huy Pham
2019-12-06Updated TablePlus build to 22.Huy Pham
2019-12-05Update to 0.1-20Winston Astrachan
2019-12-05Removed pgp key for now, upstream key has changedWinston Astrachan
2019-12-05Updated sha256sum for tableplusWinston Astrachan
2019-12-04Update to 0.1-18Winston Astrachan
2019-12-04Remove libsoup dependency, verify pgp signature, pkgbuild refactorWinston Astrachan
2019-12-04Update to 0.1-16.Winston Astrachan
2019-12-03Update to 0.1-14Winston Astrachan
2019-12-03Added libgee as a dependencyWinston Astrachan
2019-12-03Update to 0.1-12. Removed libmysqlclient20 bundled libraryWinston Astrachan
2019-12-02Update to 0.1-8Winston Astrachan
2019-12-02Added tableplus (alpha) 0.1-7Winston Astrachan