AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-01Patching the Cargo.toml and files to compile with new version ave...g├ęballin
2016-07-06Update to 1.0.0Mike Swanson
2016-06-12Update to 0.4.7Mike Swanson
2016-05-31Upstream rewrote the HEAD and the 0.4.6 tag. Rebuild.Mike Swanson
2016-05-31Update to 0.4.6Mike Swanson
2016-05-29Build package for stable releasesMike Swanson
2016-05-25Made the changes Celti suggested.shellkr
2016-04-01the default install dir had also changedshellkr
2016-04-01upstream changed the src so changed the pkgbuild accordingly.shellkr
2016-03-15added conflict just to be safeshellkr
2016-03-15missed to update .SRCINFO in last commitshellkr
2016-03-11gave it a pkgvershellkr
2015-11-22initial pushshellkr