AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-26Copy an image file itself to clipboardWitalij Berdinskich
2021-03-21Fix issue with POSIX compatibilityWitalij Berdinskich
2021-03-20Implement some MRs: get rid of bashism; new line on console outputWitalij Berdinskich
2021-03-20Fix issue with titles of uploading messagesWitalij Berdinskich
2021-03-20Add title to message; make curl silentWitalij Berdinskich
2021-03-20Missed optional dependency: libnotifyWitalij Berdinskich
2021-03-20Missed optional dependency: notify-sendWitalij Berdinskich
2021-03-20Missed optional dependency: notify-sendWitalij Berdinskich
2021-03-20Add three command to upload a screenshot to; Change license to GPL3.Witalij Berdinskich
2020-08-21Update link to new repository, update descriptionWitalij Berdinskich
2019-05-292.2.0Vitaliy Berdinskikh
2019-03-23Now it works with wl-clipboardVitaliy Berdinskikh
2019-03-20Fix issue of region screenshot, use anoter bindkeys: Shift + Print ScrVitaliy Berdinskikh
2019-03-20Now it conflicts with the predecessor: swaygrab-helperVitaliy Berdinskikh
2019-03-20Next version of swaygrab-helper: swayshot. It uses grim instead of swaygrab.Vitaliy Berdinskikh
2017-07-22Update to 1.1.0: now it can copy the full path of screenshot to clipboard if ...Vitaliy Berdinskikh
2017-07-20Initial import, 1.0.1-1Vitaliy Berdinskikh